Right Drive E-bike Kit

Electric Bike Kit 24V 250W MY1016Z Geared DC Motor Conversion Kit

Electric Bike Kit 24V 250W MY1016Z Geared DC Motor Conversion Kit
Electric Bike Kit 24V 250W MY1016Z Geared DC Motor Conversion Kit
Right Drive E-bike Kit
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Time 08/31/2019

All the buyers should have experience to installation, If dont have much experience, please do not buy it.Our all DIY Kits keeping upgrade. If the parts upgrade,will not inform another. If have some parts not the same with the photos.which is normally. The upgraded parts only more good than before.  

1. This Kit Suitable Install on What Type Bicycle?

This EBIKE Kit is suitable for installation on the 22-28 inch common bicycles. If you want to install the bike below 22 inches, the difficulty of modification will be increased. You need to replace the original 9-tooth sprocket of the motor to a 13-tooth sprocket. If not change, the bike speed will too slowly. (If you need to change the 13-ooth sprocket, please contact with us or leave a message, you can replace the 13-tooth sprocket freely.) This kit is not suitable for special models and variable speed models and models under 16 inches.(modification this models have bigger difficulties so not suggestion.)

2.What battery is recommended for this kit?
For the DIY EBIKE (24V kits) battery generally use two pieces Lead acid or Lithium battery(the 36V kits need three pieces batteries) . After they are linked together as the power energy. The recommended battery capacity is 10AH-14AH.
Please kindly notice don’t use the motorcycle battery. Need use the specialist electric bike battery. When you buy the battery need ask clearly if it specialist used on electric bike).
You may also can use the more lower or higher capacity Lead acid and Lithium battery as power supply. Just if the more lower capacity will cant running longer distance. If use the more higher capacity will increase the cost.

3.Is the kit include batteries?
No, the kit includes all the parts you need except the battery.the battery need yourself buy. Or contact with us about the battery buying link.

4.Is the kit include a English user manual?
Yes,we will send the English user manual by email,please contact us when you receive the kit.
5.Where should I mount the batteries ?

Battery box is not provided in this kit. But you can install it above the rear wheel on rear rack, or even make a box(need some DIY skills).You can design whether the batteries can take out or hard wired.If you need the battery box,please contact with us for the battery box buying link.

The kit Parts includes:
1. 1x 24V/36V 250W/350W Geared Brushed DC motor
2. 1x Mounting bracket+bolts
3. 1x 24V/36V 250W/350W Brushed Controller
4. 1x Throttle
5. 1x Brake Lever 
6. 1x Headlight:(include function of battery indicator,speaker,Light;The fix light screws need buyers self buy)
7. 1x Chain
8. 1x Freewheel adapter 
9.  1x Freewheel
10. 1x Lengthen Axle
11. 1x Power Lock
12. 1x Connectors bag
13. 1x Charger Port
14.1x Charger
1.this kit without battery . 
2.Inside of this kit charger only can charge below the 14AH(include 14AH) lead-acid battery,cant charge the Lithium Battery. 


If you have enquiry about quotation,please feel free to email us yalu@wzyalu.com or use thefollowing en-quiry form.Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.Thank you for your interest in our products.

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