Digital Twist Throttle Grip Handle with LED display Indicator Key Lock

Digital Twist Throttle Grip Handle with LED display Indicator Key Lock
Digital Twist Throttle Grip Handle with LED display Indicator Key Lock
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Time 08/31/2019

Material: Aluminium Alloy+Rubber
Color:Golden,Silver,Red,Blue (optional)
Package Weight:approx.320g
Type:Throttle with digital display and lock
Working Voltage:Throttle DC1-4.2V,battery level indicator,12-84v automatically identitify
Conpatible With:Suitable for 12V-99V Electric Bicycle
Fitment: Fit for 22.2mm diameter handle

The Advantages of This Digital Twist Throttle  
1.Regardless of lead-acid batteries,lithium batteries,water batteries,dry batteries.All can suitable use.
2.Regardless of the various types of electric vehicles (12V to 99V universal),can be automatically identified,real-time display.
3.Eliminate the analog power display (several small lights),real-time digital voltage display,intuitive,convenient,can accurately determine the remaining power,mileage.
4.Through the voltage figures to determine the electric vehicle failure,with half the effort.
Battery General Knowledge:
The battery is measured in units of V (volts).
This throttle select digital display voltage to directly obtain the battery power,please determine the remaining battery power according to your own electric vehicle battery voltage V,you can also determine whether the battery is damaged and minor damage through a fully charged voltage situation,so that as soon as possible Found,early maintenance.
Previously,the power indicator light was used to collect battery voltage analog power display (taking a 36V battery with 3 light display as an example,39V to 42V showed full power,the lights were all on,37V to 39V off one light,34V to 37V off the second light,The last undervoltage lamp of 31V to 34V is on,this method can only be vague,because it is not sure how much V is in the end,and this way of collecting voltage has not been adapted to the advancement of battery technology) because of the battery material Different,different processe.battery discharge platform is also different,which leads to the uncertainty of the way to collect voltage,voltage digital display turn to completely solve this problem, through the real-time collection of battery voltage,digital real-time display,It is easy to judge how many mileages can be exercised through digital changes and whether the battery is damaged.
Digital Throttle Charactristic
YALU Voltage digital display switch fully replaces the analog power display switch,12V to 84V electric car automatic recognition,real-time display voltage,accurate judgment of battery power,convenient and practical!
1.Through throttle real-time voltage value can accurately determine how much power remaining,convenient customers drive!
2.Through throttle real-time voltage value can accurately determine whether the lithium battery is damaged,easy to after-service!
3.Through throttle real-time voltage value can accurately determine the quality of lithium batteries,to facilitate the factory purchase qualified lithium battery!
4.Automatic identification of voltage which within 100V electric vehicles,can be universal use,convenient the factory procurement,saving capital costs and management costs!
5.Ordinary electric display has only 4 lines,convenient for workers to install,saving man-hours!
When the non-professionals installation please pay attention to the line sequence,and do not connect the wrong line,otherwise it will easily lead to the burning of the LED tube.
The basic parameters:
 (According to the different battery material,the voltage V number will be different,please test a few times,you can get their own electric vehicle battery parameters,please consult their own electric vehicle dealers to ask the battery voltage data)
12V electric vehicle,the maximum voltage is about 12.6V or slightly higher,the lowest is about 9V or slightly higher
24V electric vehicle,the highest voltage is about 29.4V,the lowest is about 21V or slightly higher
36V electric vehicle,the highest voltage is about 42V,the lowest is about 29V or slightly higher
48V electric vehicle,the maximum voltage is about 54.6V or 58.8V,the lowest is about 39V or slightly higher
60V electric vehicle,the highest voltage is about 72V,the lowest is about 49V or slightly higher
72V electric vehicle,the maximum voltage is about 84V or slightly higher,the lowest is about 70V or so
The More Higher voltage electric vehicles have been installed with a voltmeter.  
Installation method:three turns to the line,red to turn the positive 5v,black turn to the negative,green turn the signal line,separate yellow to connect the power positive line (headlight,key door,etc.) The excess two lines are the cruise line.
Installation method:
Three throttle wires connect to controller throttle wire(red throttle wire to positive 5V, Black throttle to negative pole,Green throttle to signal wire)
The yellow connect to power positive wire(head light,key power etc).
the rest 2 more wire is the Cruise line.   

This Item Include:
1 x twist throttle
2 x Keys

Suitable work with all kinds of motors.connect through controller
Suitable connect with both lithium battery and lead acid battery

Ebike,Scooter,Tricycle,Rickshaw,Three&Four wheeled Cart or Trick. All kinds of Electric Mobility etc electric vehicle.


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