YALU Culture

The Interpretation of the Yalu Brand:

1. In Chinese, The meaning of YALU  is the short written of Asia and Europe Land.We want stand on the Asia and Europe Land.Via the Ancient China Silk Road,Transmit China Culture,New Energy ,Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection,to every corner of the world.  Let World know more about China. 
2. The Reflection on the Brand,means we should Self-examination constantly,see clearly our self. To keep improve constantly.

YALU Corporate Mission: 
Becomes a communication bridge between China and the World on the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Area.   

YALU Corporate Values:
1.In order to help our customers increase the competitiveness on their market , we should offer our quality product and favorable price as much as possible.
2. Let business as simple as possible.
3. We should never let the conflict which generating from profit center to obstruct our quality service for customers.
4.Treat customers to be friendly and fair. Dont pursuit the short-term profits maximize to sacrifice the enduring relationships with customers. 
5. Keep communicating with customers everyday. So that once customers establish connection with us,they no need to seek our competitors.